September 2015


Kurgerstrasse 3, 1010 Vienna

New Japanese Fine Dining in the heart of Vienna.


Address: Lerchenfelderstrasse 71, 1070 Vienna

Levant Cuisine. The Falafel are amazing!


Address: Stumpergasse 61, 1060 Vienna

Restaurant with 100% Gluten-/Lactose-free Dishes


Address: Florianigasse 2, 1080 Wien

Its Oktoberfest-Time and this is one of the new spots in Vienna to celebrate this time of the year


Address: Zieglergasse 42, 1070 Vienna

Smoked & Pulled Meat are the signature dishes. The Meat is Smoked over 12hours to get a one of a kind taste.

June 2015

Freiraum (VIENNA)

Mariahilfer Straße 117

A-1060 wien

+43 1 596 96 00

Part cafe, bar, restaurant, and lounge! It is a great place to have dinner and drinks at night or breakfast. It’s modern, hip, chill and cool.

Rochus (Vienna)

Landstrasser Hauptstr. 55-57


+43 1 710 10 60

Excellent Food – great Cocktails. Nice and comfortable atmosphere.

FABIOS (Vienna)

Tuchlauben 4-6

1010 Vienna

+43 (0) 1 532 22 22

A much-loved destination restaurant offering innovative Mediterranean fine dining, Fabio’s mouth-watering, creative interpretations of classic dishes have helped it forge a reputation as one of the finest gourmet experiences in Vienna.

A light-filled elegant contemporary interior of wood and leather adds style and comfort to a chic and memorable dining experience.

28th April 2015

Huth Stadtkrug (VIENNA)

Weihburggasse 3

1010 WIEN

The location just behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral makes the restaurant Stadtkrug to an ideal restaurant for locals and tourists with high quality standards.

Huth Da Moritz (Vienna)

Schellinggasse 6

1010 WIEN

The redefinition of Italian lifestyle in the heart of Vienna!

Good food and fine wines are available.

Huth Da Max (Vienna)

Schellinggasse 6

1010 WIEN

He loves the freedom and lives in nature. He is a free spirit: independent, Environmentalist and curious. If grabs him wanderlust, he likes to travel to distant lands: to North America, Argentina or Australia. On the plate comes with him only Local produce: Steaks, burgers and ribs.

Huth Gastwirtschaft (Vienna)

Schellinggasse 5

1010 WIEN

A typical Viennese restaurant with classic Viennese cuisine – the tradition connected, but always open to new influences. Here you can relax, enjoy and let time stand still.

February 2015


Familie Reitbauer

Am Heumarkt 2a, 1030 Wien

Tel.: 01/ 713 31 68, Fax: 01/ 713 31 68-2

Recently relocated to the Stadtpark on the banks of the Danube, the name Steirereck has been synonymous with fine dining in Vienna since the 1970s. This new restaurant is in a former milk depot and, as part of the 5 million renovation, a section of the restaurant, the “Meierei,” was built in honor of this previous function. Now, as well as serving breakfast and afternoon pastries, it offers patrons 120 different cheeses. In the colorful main dining area, you can eat a la carte or choose between a 5- or 6-course menu.

Restaurant reservations are necessary!!

Zum Schwarzen Kameel (Vienna)

Bognergasse 5

1010 Wien

Tel.: 0043 1 5338125

With nearly 400 years’ history, this is one of the city’s most famous establishments. As well as the excellent restaurant, there is a delicatessen and wine shop, bar, club rooms, and a sandwich shop which produces popular open-sandwiches with dozens of toppings, from simple ham, cheese and eggs to roast beef with artichoke hearts.

Meinl am Graben (Vienna)

Graben 19

1010 Wien

Tel.: 0043 1 5323334

From breakfast through to dinner, in its selection of cheeses and wines, with its view along the Graben, Meinl is a wonderful gastronomic experience. As well as offering local fare, there is a Mediterranean flavor to the menu. Plush interior with parquet flooring, comfortable chairs and red upholstered sofas lining the walls.

Plachuttas – Gasthaus zur Oper (Vienna)

Walfischgasse 5-7

1010 Wien

Tel: 0043 1 51 222 51

Fax: 0043 1 51 222 51 20

At the restaurant you’ll find an exciting symbiosis between Viennese tradition and modern design. The culinary focus is on Wiener schnitzel, prepared according to the original recipe and using the choicest cut of veal, and other Viennese specialties. Contemporary cuisine favorites, such as grilled fish and meat, pasta and seasonal dishes, are also prominently featured on the menu. To accompany your meal, try a specially brewed beer by the city’s largest brewery. Or enjoy a carefully selected wine. Pleasantly shady alfresco seating is available during the summer months.

Do and Co (Vienna)

Stephansplatz 12

Haas Haus

1010 Wien

Tel: 0043 1 535 39 69

This trendy restaurant features a rooftop terrace that offers a spectacular view of Stephansdom. An international menu includes sushi, American style steaks, Thai soups, excellent seafood dishes, vegetarian wok creations, and exotic fruits. Meat lovers will enjoy the Uruguayan steak and king crab combo.

Taubenkobel (Schützen am Gebirge)

Hauptstrasse 31-33,

7081 Schützen am Gebirge

Tel: 0043 2684 2297

The taubenkobel of Eveline and Walter Eselböck is an Austrian restaurant legend. Let’s forget this sentence. Legends you watch, but you go out to eat in restaurants. Many things are new, many things are different, some things reminiscent of past times.

Alain Weissgerber and Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber have opened the window and let in fresh air. This air flow not only smells of spring and summer, it also brings the archaic flavors of on an open fire grilled food to the noses of the guests.

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